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The Browns Looked Scary Good On Halloween And People Are Wondering If Joe Burrow Will Ever Beat Cleveland

Listen, after 29 years of living on this Earth as a Cleveland Browns fan, I think it's safe to say I'm a bad football expert. No one has seen more bad football than me, and I can tell you this with 100% certainty: that Cincinnati Bengals team STINKS. 

I'll get to the Browns and how they're back in the playoff picture in a second, but first I must address that dumpster fire of an organization that is giving Ohio professional football a bad name. Nights like these are why I still have hopes that the Browns will win a Super Bowl in my lifetime. If THAT team can make it a Super Bowl, then anyone can. I mean, did they even have 100 yards of offense tonight? People are starting to wonder if Joe Burrow is a fraud without Jamar Chase. Me personally, I think that narrative is just hiding the bigger picture which is Joe Burrow is now 0-4 against Cleveland. Everybody beats the Browns. Literally everybody. Except Joe Burrow and the Bengals, who haven't found a way to score more points than America's punching bag since 2019. Yet they still celebrate down 25-6....

Loser behavior from a loser organization. Okay, enough Bengals talk. Their postseason chances are now dead and finished at 4-4. The Browns however are right back in the middle of contention at 3-5. If that math melted your brain, look at the DIVISIONAL STANDINGS you dummies. Browns are 2-1 against the AFC North, the Bengals are 0-3, the Steelers are 1-1, and the Ravens are 2-0. You can't call a team that went 2-1 through the first round of divisional play anything but serious contenders, especially when they should be 3-0 if the refs didn't blatantly cost us a game vs the division leaders.

No time to dwell on the past though. It's time to focus on the FUTURE. That team that took the field tonight in the orange and brown can beat anyone, and that's just a fact. That was as dominant of a defensive performance as I've seen from this team, led by a true Halloween Monster in Myles Garrett.


And the offense finally looked like they had someone with a brain calling plays. 23 rushes for Chubb, 11 for Hunt, Jacoby was an efficient 17 for 22, and Amari Cooper (when he wasn't throwing interceptions) was running free all over the field.

And the Cowboys gave him to us for a 5th round pick?? That's the best receiver I've seen in a Cleveland Browns uniform that doesn't smoke too much weed.

Look, after tonight's 32 point explosion (would've been more if we didn't give the courtesy kneel down), I feel like I need to address the topic. I've seen the Kareem Hunt trade rumors….throw them out in the trash with the Bengals season. He is a weapon that can help make this offense lethal, and I know he probably isn't here next season, but this season isn't over with. The Browns are back.


I understand we're still 3-5 so I'm not going to pump my chest out too much tomorrow morning (although I will when I walk around my Columbus area school that is divided with Bengals / Browns fans) but I'll say this: these next 3 games will determine if we make the playoffs or not. 


- @ Dolphins

-  @ Bills

- Bucs 

Win 2 of the next 3 and I'll order my AFC North Champions t-shirt now. Win 1 of the next 3 and I'll be tracking the other wildcard teams to see what we need help with. Win 0 of the next 3 and it'll be tough for 9-8 to get in. Yes, that's right folks, I fully intend on rattling off 6 straight wins when Deshaun Watson returns. Who beats this team when you add a unanimous top 5 TALENT in the league at the QB spot? Not these teams:

- Texans

- Bengals, lol

- Ravens

- Saints

- Commanders

- Steelers

All 3 remaining AFC North games with Deshaun. My God, Jacoby. Just get us to Week 12 without drowning. Keep us treading water and we'll have a chip and a chair. HUGE game in Miami after our Bye Week, in which Kevin Stefanski is 2-0. I BELIEVE.