The Tedeschi Trucks Band Is One Of The Best Bands On Planet Earth Right Now

Every Monday, I like to throw out this tweet:

Nothing gets the juices flowing for the work week better than some good music. I like to pair said good music with an early Monday morning workout, but I know you disgusting slobs don't know the first thing about moving around and getting your blood moving, so you can take or leave the workout part, but the music part stays.

Anyways, it's a great way to find new music. I've found a ton of bands and artists I love with these bullshit tweets. Not today though. Today is dedicated solely to one of the great bands on the planet right now, The Tedeschi Trucks Band. The TTB has been around a minute, and if you enjoy good music, you love them. I truly think they're one of the best bands on the planet as we speak.

Some people are living under a rock though. The Tedeschi Trucks Band is a band that transcends musical taste, and last summer they came out with an album that you need to listen to immediately if you haven't yet or if you're not familiar with them. The TTB is a massively popular band right now... but not massively popular in the commercialized sense. That said, if one person discovers them thanks to this blog, then this blog did its job. 

The album is called "I Am The Moon" and it should come as a shock to nobody at all that it's fucking outstanding. Have a listen - there's never a bad time for the TTB, but they're especially great on gloomy Monday morning's like today:

The first song on the album "Hear My Dear" is quintessential TTB. It starts off with Susan's angelic voice and transitions into one of Derek's patented guitar solos. 

This album is much different than standard albums though. There are 4 total albums that were released in subsequent months that create one giant 24 track album. The last of the smaller albums came out about a month ago in September. One publication that I read called the album a "rock 'n roll event". 

Susan Tedeschi has one of my absolute favorite voices in music right now. Her husband Derek is one of the absolute best guitarists on the planet right now, which should be the case considering he's cut from the Allman Brother's cloth, as his dad Butch Trucks was a founding member of the all time great band. 

Pair them together and you have magic. 

I have yet to see TTB live, but this is a pretty common sentiment from people I know who have: 

I was supposed to go see them in January at the Chicago Theatre but contracted goddamn Corona (again!!!) and couldn't make it. Here they are playing "Midnight In Harlem", one of their more well-known songs, at Red Rocks last summer:

For now I will keep them on the bucket list, especially seeing them at Red Rocks, another place I haven't been to yet that I have to make a pilgrimage to before I succumb to a heart attack or whatever will inevitably take me from this world.

We're going to talk about it on our music show "On The Guest List" this week. We have a great interview with country act "49 Winchester" coming up this Thursday that will be co-hosted by some no name band called "KONGOS". Dante and Colin just had an awesome interview with Chicago's own John Summit that just dropped this week as well:

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