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VIDEO: Oz Pearlman Performed Mentalism Tricks On Seahawks Players And Their Reactions Are Hysterical

Sorry but before today I was unaware of Oz Pearlman's existence. Have I been living under a rock or something? Is this guy a thing? I looked him up and he shot to fame on America's Got Talent (not on my radar). Apparently though...he also happens to be some sort of ultramarathon champion runner and had a sweet corporate gig before turning to magic/mentalism full-time. What a fucking life. Sheesh.

I'm such a simp when it comes to magic stuff like this. My brain shuts off and I fully accept the illusion. I mean come on, the average person gets betrayed, deceived and conned in real life and it hurts. This is some good, clean fun...well unless Oz is hacking into your personal security like he did to DK Metcalf.

Dude, is that a threat!? That's typed not said aloud so I can't really tell.

So while DK's quick grab of his phone once Oz deciphered his passcode was funny enough, my absolute favorite moment was when another Seattle wideout, Penny Hart, had his brain levitated from his skull on Oz's next trick. Hart was just like, "Nah man, I'm out." Grabbed his back and simply exited the room. No words. Just shaking his head. I was yell-laughing.

I'm sure there's some logical explanation. Maybe Oz hires PIs to investigate his predetermined marks before he does little shows like this. I HAVE NO IDEA, and that's why it's so awesome.

Can't wait for some elite #MentalistCulture bros taking my head off in the comments about how much of a fucking moron I am for buying into this.

I find it hilarious, too, that Oz Pearlman is a ZILLION times cooler than Russell Wilson and that the Seahawks are in first place in the NFC West without Mr. Unlimited. As I write this, the Broncos just beat the Jaguars in London and may have saved their stupid coach Nathaniel Hackett's job.

While Oz is dope and Russ is lame, I might have to give the illusionist edge to Russ since he basically conned his way to a $245 million contract.

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