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Football Guy: Mike Vrabel Cried His Eyes Out After Sunday's Game Because Titans Center Ben Jones Refused To Leave After Getting Hurt And Played Absolutely Awesome

Mike Vrabel is about as big of a football guy as you can get. He legit eats, lives, and breathes football. So crying over a football game isn't anything new for him. Sunday he let the tears flow after he saw his center, Ben Jones put on an awesome performance despite being torn apart physically and according to Taylor Lewan was a bit sick. Maybe a little flu game going on here. 

Jones was a warrior on Sunday, every part of his body is hurt but he refused to come out. He had to get looked at on the field, missed a play due to protocol and was right back in there. He is about as old school as it comes. This is a guy who plays one of the toughest positions in football, not even close to 100% healthy, has only missed 1 game in his high school, college, and NFL career combined....and oh yeah he once got his throat slashed open by a barbed wire fence

You know who appreciates guys busting their asses and doing their job despite not being close to 100%? Mikey V. He knew what Jones had going on and he witnessed firsthand how great he was, how hard he worked, how beat up he was. He couldn't help but  emotional and start crying in the tunnel with Jones postgame. And he gutted it out for 60 minutes and even had a key play late in the game when the entire offensive lineman pushed Derrick Henry for more yards. 

Think guys like playing for a coach like Vrabes? They LOVE that guy. He demands a lot out of them and they would run through a wall for him. How many other coaches are pulling this move? Half the NFL coaches are already in their office getting ready for the next game, they aren't sticking around after the game to talk to their center. Vrabel gets it. Let those tears flow baby, really awesome scene here.