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Titans' Center Ben Jones Told Reporters How He Got To Be So Tough: By Living On A Farm Where He Got His Throat Slashed Open By A Barbed Wire Fence

Well if you were wondering how an NFL center gets so tough, look no further than Ben Jones of the Titans detailing all the injuries he had while living on his farm. Just casually dropping that he got his throat slashed open while riding a bike into a barbed wire fence. And not just that, 2 weeks after he got his throat cut he got hit in the head by a baseball bat and had to have surgery on his brain for blood clots. He also had a broken leg for a year and a half while in high school after thinking it was just shin splits. Nope, just a broken leg. They did surgery and Jones said they actually took his tibia out? Is that normal? They just take your leg bone out in surgery? And all of that while he was just living on the farm and messing, not like any of the injuries came from playing sports. That is why he's a monster who rarely misses a game. This guy rode his bike into barbed wire and got his throat cut open like someone was gutting a deer, you think turf toe or a banged up hand is going to get Jones off the field? No way. He had a broken leg for a year and a half and didn't even blink, if he's not in a coffin he's going to play. I love how casually he talked about the injuries too, like they weren't all major injuries that could almost kill you. Ben Jones man, what a football guy.