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MLB Should 100% Let The Phillies And Astros Rock Their Awesome Throwbacks In The World Series

I talked about this last year, but MLB has a great opportunity right in front of them. We've got two teams in the World Series who have two of the better throwback uniforms in the sport. The Astros tequila sunrise and the Phillies powder blue. They're both absolutely fantastic. Everyone will be watching so why not let these teams wear their old school unis in the World Series? It doesn't hurt anyone, if anything it enhances the viewing experience. 

I want more throwbacks in sports in general. The NFL is catching on this year, NBA always throws out some wild jerseys, the NHL just knocked it out of the park with their retro jersey releases last week, meanwhile MLB is still stuck in the past present! Let these teams rock the old unis during the playoffs, World Series, who cares what game it is. It doesn't make sense why they are so strict on the uniform policy, let the guys wear whatever combination they want to wear. 


Just two sweet looking uniforms. They deserve to see the spotlight in October. Maybe that is like an added bonus for making it to the World Series, you get to wear the throwbacks. You look good, you play good. It's a no-brainer to me. Make it happen Rob. Let's see these beauts on Friday night. Imagine the scene in Philly next week when they rolled out in their power blues, every Philadelphian would lose their mind. Just give me one good reason this shouldn't happen, you can't.