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If MLB Had A Brain In Their Head They'd Let The Braves And Astros Wear Their Awesome Throwbacks In The World Series

MLB has something big sitting right in the palm of their hands with this World Series. They have the chance to do something HUGE and they could break barriers if they wanted to. Rob Manfred and MLB should let the Braves and Astros wear their throwback uniforms during the World Series. Why? Well because they're fucking awesome uniforms. It doesn't hurt anyone if they wear them, why do we have to have a classic home vs away jersey matchup every game? There are some awesome throwback or alternate uniforms that should be seen in October, why can't we see them? These are arguably 2 of the better MLB throwbacks, just look at these beauts.

Todd Kirkland. Getty Images.
Icon Sports Wire. Getty Images.

Just look how clean these are! And who cares they're both white! It's fine! There are plenty of other colors on them so you'll be able to tell the two uniforms apart. The Braves ones are awesome, maybe my favorite throwbacks in all of baseball. That blue is so crisp, it really pops with the yellow that Acuńa puts with it. It looks fresh, it looks clean. It would look great with the World Series patch on it. And the Astros tequila sunrise uniforms are some of the most recognizable throwbacks in sports. They're awesome. I wish they were worn more, I wish all throwbacks were worn more. But MLB should go ahead and basically force the teams to wear these. Last games of the season, lets have some fun with it. 

Hell, why don't we make any playoff series a throwbacks only series? I think we're onto something here. At least let them wear the unis for one game this series! It would look so sick. Give the people what they want, Rob. I never really understand why they're so strict with what uniforms the teams can wear. I love how Boston took it upon themselves to wear the yellow Boston Marathon unis late in the season because they kept winning in them. MLB should let the teams get more loose with it in the playoffs and show off those throwback unis. The Rays probably win the World Series last year if they could wear those neon throwbacks. Come on Rob, let us see the tequila sunrise unis! 

PS. My high school got some tequila sunrise unis a few years back and they may be the best high school sports uniform I've ever seen. Insanely awesome.