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Walmart Is Cracking Down On Self Check Out Thieves But I Think We Should Ban Self Check Out Instead

Jovanmandic. Getty Images.

New York Post Police say 34-year-old TeddyJo Marie Fliam was using the self-checkout at an Alpena County Walmart when loss prevention workers noticed she wasn’t scanning every item. Fliam became agitated and denied she was skipping items when confronted by a loss prevention worker and left the store, according to a report from Fox 2.The incident caused the store to review its surveillance footage, which showed Fliam had stolen more than $1,000 in merchandise by not scanning it from the Walmart since April.

I know that Rico has touched on how CVS only has self checkout and I agree it makes absolutely no sense. They have someone behind the counter but when you go up to them, they say you have to use self checkout. I understand you need to have them in your store. But when you have 5 items or more, I don't want to use a machine to check myself out. 

The solution to all of this is that you should get 5% off of your order if you use the self checkout. You went in there, found everything you needed, and ended up doing a job of scanning all of your items then bagged them all up.

I think being a grocery store worker, especially a bagger, is one of the hardest jobs of all time. You have to keep your line moving at a pace where people don't start to get mad and bagging is one of the most stressful things out there. Most people like to keep there frozen foods together, the fruits together, and have the eggs in a place that don't crack. But your job is to condense these items into the least amount of bags possible all while maintaining a conversation with the customer so they don't feel like you are mean. 

I am afraid these cameras might get me one day, I am not stealing but if I miss a scan on some taco meat, is a SWAT team going to come to my house and take me out? These are the problems politicians need to fix. The lady in this article finessing Walmart for $1000 over 4 years should not be arrested. That is the machine's fault. I don't condone stealing but it is your fault for having trusting robots to do a human's work.