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Miles Teller Deserves An Oscar After Ripping Some Celebratory Shots At Angelo's Pizzeria In South Philly

Miles Teller has been putting on a performance for the ages during this Phillies postseason run. And to be fair, Miles Teller has been around for the entire ride. This sick bastard was at spring training games earlier this year.  

He's there in March. He's there in May. He's watching in September. So if anybody deserves to be going nuts during this run, it's certified 162 guy Miles Teller. 

But to head straight from the stadium to Angelo's after the Phillies clinched the pennant? That's how you know end up in the Philly Fan Hall of Fame. 

Home of the best cheesesteak in the city. Home of one of the greatest pizzas in the city. Home of the legend Danny who loves 3 thinks in life more than anything else--1) baking bread 2) Philly sports and 3) trying not to suck as much at golf. Just so happens to make a 9.1 pizza, too. 

But back to Miles Teller. This was what the postseason is all about. Guys stepping up in big time moments and making some big time plays. You could tell he didn't want to take that shot. He could feel himself on the brink. That last should would push him over the edge. But he also knew the moment called for it. He's out there playing for more than just himself. You turn down a shot in that moment and it ruins the whole mood. Miles Teller is way too much of a team player to let that happen. I don't know how voting for the Oscar's goes, but you have to give Miles Teller some sort of award here. Between Top Gun and this, the man has earned his recognition. 

Now it's lunchtime and all I can think about is Angelos. Enjoy the smokeshow content.