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Uh Oh! The Rock Isn't Happy About A Fake Tweet I Made About Him & The Queen


Small backstory: when the Queen died there were a ton of fake tweets and memes going around. I turned to my co-host on Lights Camera Barstool, KenJac, and said, "what would The Rock say if he tweeted about the Queen?" Naturally, in a hyperbolized world, we figured he may sneak a plug in the tweet for 'Black Adam', his upcoming movie that he's been promoting nonstop for what feels like 10 years. So, we ended up with this...


Seemed fairly believable, if I am being honest. We thought it probably wasn't best to post it on the LCB Twitter, as we post real movie news, and trailers, and work with movie studios when it comes to getting interviews. But our friends at ANUS wouldn't have that issue!

I thought nothing of it after this and moved on. Also, for the record, I have nothing against The Rock. But 'Black Adam' has been marketed as heavily as I can ever remember for a superhero origin movie. If you follow The Rock anywhere, you have been seeing 'Black Adam' shit for a long time.

Thennnnnnn we saw this today…

…uh oh!

UH OH!!!!!

So, The Rock might fucking hate us now, which is a shame. If it means anything to DJ, I am going to see 'Black Adam' tonight! He also raises a correct point in his tweet: nobody was duped, and you should watch the full video. It was a news outlet discussing if things were fact or fiction. They obviously deemed our fake tweet as fiction. But, alas…


This is just the name of the game with LCB sometimes. We enjoy duping people!

Whether it be Logan Paul with a fake Food Chains map…

(That map was a masterpiece, by the way, and I broke down how it was my own internet Mona Lisa)

We also got Mario Lopez once with a Candy Map that went viral in back-to-back years…


If you follow our accounts, you know we also love to post fake trailers with a clip from the NBC mini-series 'The Slap' at the end…

We do The Slap a few times, maybe three to four, a year. It always plays.

Lastly, my real crown jewel will always be this…

I went in-depth on this tweet, and how it essentially led to my job at Barstool:


Bottom line… look… Dwayne… DJ… it's all in good fun. You're just part of the game here.

Good luck with Black Adam and the DCEU, I truly hope the hierarchy changes.

…it's a shame the Queen will never get to see it.