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Cal's New 5-Star Freshman Puts On 11 Pounds In 44 Days #SwoleLife #Gains

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NBCIvan Rabb has been putting in the work since he arrived on campus at Cal.

The consensus top ten recruit has added 12 pounds of muscle in 44 days, according to a source. And while he wasn’t exactly out of shape when he arrived on campus, he should be able to handle the rigors of the Pac-12 just that much easier.

Part of what makes this so important for Cal is that they really don’t have many other options in the paint. Their perimeter attack is loaded: Jaylen Brown is the biggest name, and he’s joined by future NBA Draft pick Tyrone Wallace, former McDonald’s All-American Jabari Bird and Jordan Mathews, another talented perimeter scorer.

First of all, interesting move putting the “after” picture before the “before” picture. Feel like there’s a pretty solid tried and true standard of doing it the other way around? Like when I first got this tip I thought the kid spent the past 44 days losing 20 pounds and getting his skin cleared up. Nope, other way around.

But despite that little hiccup…this is actually pretty fucking crazy. 11 pounds in 44 days. Looking rock solid and chiseled after a month and a half. Not convinced they didn’t have this kid stuffed in some underground top secret scientific research bunker doing all sorts of experiments on him. Had him like Wolverine in one of those water tanks pumping him full of Adamantium and shit.

Really the only explanation for those type of gains. Some sort of pseudo-superhero science, magic and potions and muscle shock therapy while freebasing Whey protein.

Either that, or really, really hard work.

Watch out for the Golden Bears.