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Nestor Cortes' Stats On 3 Days Rest Have Me Giddy With Excitement For 4:07 PM Eastern Time

Okay, I retract what I said earlier about questioning Terry Francona's method in starting Aaron Civale today in Game 5. Numbers never lie and it is clear as the New York skies last night that 3 days rest is a bad idea, especially for Nestor Cortes who couldn't make it through the 3rd inning the last time he tried it.

I am officially giddy with excitement for 4:07 eastern time. Kwan singles, Rosario bunts him over, Ramirez walks, and Josh Naylor sends one to the moon while rocking the baby before he even gets to first base. 3-0 Guards. Boone calls to the bullpen and says get someone up immediately, hangs up, calls Manfred and says it looks like rain. 

Throwing Cortes shows me that the Yankees are panicking. The Guardians are sticking to their plan of using Civale to get through the lineup once and heading right to our lights out bullpen. I don't know why I doubted Tito, but I'm fully back on board. This is the right move. Although Civale's history against New York doesn't give me any warm feelings...

That is a bad stat. Another bad stat heading into today's game is this one:

God damnit. Why couldn't we have just played last night?

Regardless, my stance has changed and I want it on record. I trust Terry Francona with my life and if he says Aaron Civale should get the ball then Aaron Civale should get the ball. I would respectfully advise him to get it out of his hands quickly, but you will not hear me criticize any more moves. We're just a small town team with no money heading into the Big Apple to take on the Evil Empire who has a billion more dollars than us, we all need to stick together. In Tito We Trust.