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I Trust Terry Francona With My Life But Why Aren't The Guardians Starting Shane Bieber Today?

Is this still the game plan or were we just battling Aaron Boone's plea to Major League Baseball to get last night's game cancelled? Everyone knows that the loser in last night's postponement was the Guardians, who had their full arsenal ready to go in the bullpen for a game that was labeled a bullpen game. The winner was the Yankees, who not only got to rest up their bullpen, they also got to announce that instead of starting this guy that Terry Francona hadn't even heard of.....

....they got to start this guy instead.

Wow, what a coincidence that Aaron Boone was warning the MLB about the Great NYC Storm of 2022 from the crack of dawn and now that it's moved one day, they get to throw someone who's 12-4 on the year with a 2.4 ERA. Crazy!

We're now going to see Nestor Cortes and I bet we see Gerrit Cole, too. It's a winner takes all game and we need to be willing to do whatever it takes, and if that means throwing our Ace on three days rest, let's do it.

Listen, we can't be concerned with what the Yankees and the MLB are doing to beat us, but we can control what we are doing to beat them. I trust Terry Francona with my life but if Shane Bieber says he's ready to start today then I want Shane Bieber to start. Give us 4 or 5 innings and then go right to our lights out bullpen. That's my suggestion Tito, respectfully.