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Fellas, Are We Bangin Napoleon or Just Suckin Him Off? The Answer Just Became More Clear

As the old adage goes, everybody loves a man in uniform... But, what if that man is one of the most decorated people of all time? That's what we showed to our friends at Out and About. We let them pick who they would Smash or Pass. Spoiler: lots of smashing. 

Honest to god, this segment was as fun as I have had recording in a long time. Pat and Joey are so damn funny together. After their segment was over, I was convinced that somehow, someway, Joey was gonna find a way to be with Napoleon. They might be destined to be together. What a beautiful couple they'd be too. 

We also talked about the BTS news and how the most famous pop stars in the world will have to pause all of their tours, albums, and appearances until 2025. Three years at the height of their fame. They won't be in some special unit for celebrities either. South Korea's government voted to have them be part of normal units, doing normal things. Imagine if Nsync or Backstreet Boys left during the TRL days in order to enlist in the Air Force. That's essentially what happened except Nsync and the Backstreet Boys were never as big as BTS. 

Connor also pulled an egregious copycat move. He leaped from his chair after our last recording, ran home to New Jersey, and shaved his beard into a mustache. He's now trying to say he didn't copy me but it was his plan all along because he had a mustache 9 months ago so now he absolutely had to do it just minutes after he saw me getting compliments. Despite his insistence that he had the plan all along, he put this Instagram story up on ZBT making the caption look like someone else did. Solidarity is for bad things. Solidarity usually arises when something isn't as appealing as it used to be. Solidarity mentions are typically reserved when things aren't going well. Teams don't clamor for solidarity when they win. It's when they lose. People telling me I looked great wasn't something I needed solidarity for. He knows that. He knew he was copying and that's why this post went up minutes after he got home and shaved. It was to preemptive strike copycat claims. Frankly, it was as sad as it was transparent. 

I have a mustache as a result of a bet that I followed through on, something Connor doesn't know anything about. 

Anyway, his excuses and "reasons" are at the top of the show. No one is buying them though just like no one bought his reasons not to sing the Navy Fight Song after losing a bet to me. Integrity. It's fine that he copied me. It's that he won't admit it that has people furious in the streets. Not me. I don't care. I'm used to it and I guess I'll get used to two white, bald guys with mustaches and names that start with C on a podcast.