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Selena Gomez And Hailey Bieber Changed The World Last Night

LMFAO you heard E News, these girls are out here making HERSTORY. 

Truthfully this is insane. I wrote a few weeks ago about Hailey's appearance on Call Her Daddy:

Hailey's struggled with Selena fans for her entire marriage to Justin. Selena never said a peep about their own relationship, good or bad. Her fans decided to keep dragging Hailey for years and years, but it looks like enough is enough. A handful of photos were taken at the Vogue Academy Museum Gala, that were probably pretty awkward to take knowing how contrived this moment is, and now all is right in girl world. Beefs are squashed, Girl Power prevails, ex girlfriends can be friends with current wives. We all grow up, we all move on. Just a couple of gals in the beauty space looking to move on with their lives and hopefully never have to publicly kiss each other's asses this hard again.

It's got to be hard, right? Yes, we're all mature and letting things go and blah blah blah. No matter how you slice it, it's hard to swallow your pride. In the long run this helps them both, but for the next few days? When people start calling for makeup collabs, wanting pics of them hanging out in LA? Asking for a pic of the THREE of them, including Justin? You give these fans an inch, they take a mile.They'll be calling for Selena x Hailey lip liner by the end of the week.