This Middle Finger Belong In The Hall Of Fame (1ST BALLOT)

Author's note - don't care when this is from. Changes nothing. Great middle finger. End of story. 

The Padres are moving on after taking down the 111-win Dodgers. Hubbs has the recap blog about it here:

Kind of lost in the shuffle though are the Padres fans. First championship series in 24 years. Second playoff appearances since 2007. They've watched their team get destroyed by the Dodgers all year while their superstar SS dominates the headlines all year and it's unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Then you pull of two massive trades both of which look to be completely underwhelming in the 2nd half. And now you're prepping for the Phillies for a shot at the World Series. 

If you're a Padres fan, you have every right to talk some shit. And in that spirit nobody in San Diego is giving out better Fuck You's then this guy 

Pure professionalism. Guy knows exactly what he's doing. The wrist strength and flexibility. The drama and the build up as he stares a hole in the Dodgers guy's chest. The pause to collect himself amidst a chaotic celebration with his fellow Padres fans. The strength and sense to hold the finger for full consumption. He's so committed. There's so much angst. 

That's honestly just a perfect bird. I don't know if there's others right now but that's my #1 all time. Dante wants to start a hall of fame. 

Personally I'm inclined to say this guy stands alone right now. He deserves his moment. 

In the meantime drop a nomination for the inaugural class.