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The Yankees Disaster Of a Meltdown To Lose Game 3 Of The ALDS Is On Aaron Boone And No One Else

Christian Petersen. Getty Images.

It's beyond comprehension how poorly Aaron Boone just managed the end of that baseball game. Sometimes putting blame on a manager and using them as a scapegoat can be lazy. This isn't one of those times. The Yankees needed 3 outs to secure their all-important Game 3 victory to take control of the ALDS and Boone couldn't find a way to get them. He didn't even come lose. 

The Yankees got the offense they so desperately needed via three bombs from Judge, Oswaldo, and Bader. They got a gutsy 17 out performance from Luis Severino who looked rocky as can be to begin his night. It all came down to Boone finding those final outs. And what was his master plan? Get seven outs from Wandy Peralta to end it???? 

Wandy entered in the 7th and got through the 8th unscathed. You had already used Loaisiga and Trivino, so now the logical next move would be Clay Holmes to close it out. For whatever reason Boone claimed Holmes was only available in emergency situations. 

I've got a question, what the hell is an emergency to Aaron Boone? Outside of Holmes you're either trying to get a 5th, 6th, and 7th out from Wandy Peralta or going to a reliever who doesn't have experience in the situation. Straw bloops in that hit to shallow left with one out and you still leave Wandy in? He should have never started the inning to begin with, but once Straw reaches he has to be out of the game no matter what. 

But why are you saving Clay Holmes? What for? Also if you're gonna bring in Clarke Schmidt let him have a fresh clean inning to begin with. Don't just throw him to the fire in a spot he's never been in before with runners on the corners. None of it made sense. 

Turns out Holmes himself was shocked he wasn't used. Glad everyone was on the same page. 

The game's starter Luis Severino was shocked Clay wasn't used as well.

I hope Boone lost the clubhouse for good. I mean how are you not using your closer there? He threw 16 pitches on Friday and it's the postseason in the most important game of the year. What on Earth are you saving him for? I'll ask it a million fucking times if I have to. If he pitches and gets hurt you're about to hit the offseason anyways, who cares? Use the fucking guy. Use your pitcher who was the most dominant reliever in baseball in the first half of the season. It's a fucking joke. 

Also outside of the pen management, why is Aaron Hicks on the roster? They chose to let pinch runner specialist Tim Locastro bat in the 10th inning of Friday's game instead of pinch hitting Hicks. You're also leaving a guy in Oswaldo, who is still learning how to play the outfield, in there for defense in later innings. I'm not exactly clamoring for Aaron Hicks to get playing time here, but I'm curious what the purpose of his roster spot is. Why can't Oswald Peraza be on this roster and come in for defense at short if Hicks is not going to be used for anything? Make it make sense. 

Every time the Yankees step onto the field with Aaron Boone as their manager they are immediately at a disadvantage. That couldn't have been more clear than tonight with the way he managed this pen. Fucking awful loss. 

I'm fucking sad, man. And I'm sure that's the best news ever for most of you reading this. The world loves Yankee tears, and my god did they get them tonight. One of the most painful losses I've felt in a long, long time. Gerrit Cole tomorrow with the season on the line. Be an ace and force a Game 5. 

Rapid reaction up now. Go drink our tears. I'm gonna go play in traffic.