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Insanity: Spanish Model Pilar Rubio Says She Has Sex With Sergio Ramos Every Single Day Because 'Sex Is Life'

[Source] - When asked how often she had romped with her husband-of-three-years in the last month, the stunning brunette replied: “We do it every day, except for the days when I am in Madrid.

“Today for instance, thanks to you, I can’t.”

Told by the shocked host of chat show La Resistencia they were like Avengers superheroes having sex so often with four youngsters in the house, she added: “My children are in bed at 9.30pm. Sex is life.”

I gotta be honest. Sex is cool and all but every day? No thank you. That's a chore. That's asking for too much sex. You gotta let a person reload and take some time off. I don't care how attractive you are or how good at soccer you are. It's about pace. It's about stamina. 

That just sounds painful, not even enjoyable. Sure the first time is awesome. Even the second and third can be fun. Once you get to 4 or 5? You gotta worry about an injury there. You gotta worry about pain. How does one even have time to have sex that many times?

In fact this isn't the first time someone had a comment like this on La Resistencia. The entire European TV scene is apparently off the rails. But nothing is crazier than having sex with your significant other EVERY DAY.