The Girlfriend Of Spanish Soccer Star Isco Says They Have To Have Sex At Least Once A Day Because They Are Competitive ... Sure, That's It

[Marca] - Sara Salamo has appeared on the Spanish TV show 'La Resistencia' and was asked about her sex life, as all guests are. 

"He and I didn't want to come on the show here until we could say that we did it once a day," she explained. 

"We've had a lot of work and we've had the kids. But we're very competitive."

What a quote. I mean this is pure dedication and love. Apparently this show La Resistencia always asks guests about their sex life because European TV is something else. You can't go on there and be like yeah me and my star soccer player boyfriend do it here and there. No, you gotta be fucking once a day and come in with the heat.

But let's be honest. This isn't a 'competitive' thing. No, no. These are two good looking people dating each other that want to fuck. No hate in the game, but that's what it is. I'm sure Isco was just so heartbroken and torn when his smoke girlfriend said she wants to have sex once a day. 

I gotta know more about this competitive sex though. What does that entail? The only thing I think of when I hear that is who finishes first. Both of them should be thanking this show though. Who knew an interview on a TV show would lead to competitive sex.