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Is Not Knowing Apple Headphones Have A Mic A Sign You Need To Be Put In An Old Age Home?

Just a completely random thought here as I write blogs and not cover college basketball despite having one of the most powerful cell phones on the East Coast, interviewing player of the year nominees with multiple Top 5 picks, building relationships myself with future hall of fame coaches like Nate Oats and Jared Grasso. 

Isn't in obvious that Apple Headphones have a mic? 

Wouldn't you say that if you didn't know that you are clearly becoming a dinosaur in age so to speak?

Would you say that maybe cutting 65 watermelons and trying to look hip at Surf Lodge, while being the 2nd oldest person there behind Bald Paul with an Agenda, and sitting in the sun all day could have affected your mental state?

Do you think that all the young fans of your Tik Tok podcast could have helped you, (much like a good Samaritan helps an eldery person cross the street), find that microphone on the headphones while you took a picture with them? 

Don't you think as a media company tycoon who relies on technology  you would figure out over the years that you didn't need to hold the phone up to your mouth while having headphones in? 

Do you think that's what led to your shoulder injury? Did that also potentially lead to you not being able to shoot from long arbitrary distances like half court let's say? Is that all a round about way of why you hate basketball? 

There's too much to consider for me there.

Let's go to a vote from an arbitrary Stoolie... 

Shoutout Mackenzie who has legit never missed on these videos ever...