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Andrew Tate And Jake Paul Are Apparently In Serious Talks To Fight

Well, the speculations of it happening are officially put to rest. The two are face to face, and an influencer super fight may take place. This has been in the works for months, and both have mentioned it on several podcasts and media outlets. Recently Tate even posted a sparring video that many are saying may be fake. 

Andrew Tate has been trying to break into the influencer fight game ever since his recent notoriety. This is thought to be fake sparring footage Tate drops his sparring partner wearing durag and airforces with body shots and counter punches. It was quite obvious that this sparring partner really sucked. A lot of the punches Andrew was throwing were well placed but did not seem to have the knockout power customary to those types of reactions. KSI reposted the video with clown emojis and the hype surrounding a possible Tate v Paul fight seem to be fizzling out. 

The possibility has been floated multiple times and may be confirmed in 2023

According to

"We have also become aware that Jake Paul and his team intend to call Andrew out via a collection of YouTube/ Instagram videos; however, as stated before, there has been no official talks regarding a fight," the source also said.

This would be an amazing fight. I know these rumors are extremely preliminary, but the Top G absolutely has enough of a following to sell the fight. Not only that, he has the fighting background to bring legitimacy to the fight. Andrew Tate has called out Jake Paul before, but Anderson Silva is the only definite opponent on the docket. 

Heres the tale of the tape. 

Tate is 6'1 200 lbs, with a 75.5-inch reach. Jake Paul is also 6'1 190 lbs, with a 76-inch reach. I mean, the matchup is pretty equal from that standpoint. Tate is a kickboxer which is closer to boxing than the MMA guys Jake has usually been fighting. 

Andrew Tate definitely has enough legitimacy to sell a fight. I hope this becomes a reality because nonbarstool people click these blogs, and they go well. Andrew Tate and Jake Paul may be the most controversial figures on the internet currently, and to see them fight would be quite the spectacle.