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It's Controversial, But Doubling Down On 9 With The Dealer Showing A 6 Is The Right Move

I pride myself in being a by the book player and the card says to double down in this situation. Sitting in the anchor spot, you gotta be as by the book as possible. Of course, I'll survey the room if someone went extra big, but I love to be consistent. 9 offers some variability, so I understand people not being happy with it. You could get a 2 which would be a huge L as you ruin a potentially winning hand. This is top of mind because it actually happened last night on our Monday Night Blackjack stream.

What are your feeling on it? It obviously didn't work out last night, but nothing is 100%. We're playing the odds. Sound off in the comments and on twitter and let me know what you would do and why. And be sure to check out our Monday Night Blackjack streams during halftime of the Monday Night Football game each week. Some wild stuff happens on there! Like this hand that literally left us speechless.