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Just Another Soccer Match In France - Game Was Forced Into A Delay Because Fans Kept Launching Tear Gas Onto The Field

Good God man. It seems like there's always something going on in Ligue 1 and batshit crazy fans. Whether it's fighting players, delays or this? This is new. But there's always something. I still can't grasp my head around something like this happening here. Imagine the news cycle if like the Giants/Bears game was suspended because fans were launching tear gas. We'd have endless takes about what to do with fans. We'd have endless takes about what should happen to the NFL going forward. 

I need to know how the hell do you even think to bring tear gas? This isn't something I'd be searching Google for let alone looking to get. Mostly because I don't trust myself. 100% chance I'd accidentally set it off inside my office and tear  gas myself or maybe my kids. It's like fighting at a sporting event. I know Europeans are batshit crazy with soccer, but I still can't understand how you go this far. I assume the person/people who did this do the typical pocket check before leaving. Phone, wallet, keys. Now they just need to add tear gas in it. 

 Fucking insane man. Stop bringing tear gas to events. Seems like a fair trade off.