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Antonio Brown Is On A Twitter Meltdown Making Light Of Sexual Assault

Where the fuck are the outrage police to cancel this guy?

They care about all the meaningless, trivial shit in the world, (like historical statues) but noted scumbag Antonio Brown is out in the always understanding and ultra-liberal Middle East, shoving his asshole in innocent women's faces, and flopping his pringles can out of his swim trunks like an elephant trunk, all on video, and everybody's just like "that's AB being AB"?

This lunatic is also comparing himself to religious martyrs (again)

claiming he's been bulldozed and blackballed because "he speaks the truth"

Oh yah, and posting a pic with Gisele draped around him captioned "put that shit on"

Now I'm not exactly fluent in crazy. But my brain tells me this is inuendo meaning AB wants us to think he banged Mrs. Thomas Edward Brady, or that he wants to.

Either way, fucking wildly inappropriate way to say thank you to the family who took you in and let them live under their roof in Boston. 

What a fucking dirtbag this guy is.