The US Government Agency in Charge of Aerial Threats Put a Flying Saucer on its Logo

The US government inches ever closer, day by day, to finally revealing what we know about the UFO phenomenon and what it means to the security of our nation and our world. That's fact, not opinion. Whether it's verifying that flight crews from the USS Nimitz captured this image off the coast of San Diego back in the 2000s. Or the first congressional hearings into UFOs in 50 years:

Kevin Dietsch. Getty Images.


Or the Navy simply posting unredacted UFO files and then quickly deleting them, the groundwork is being laid for societal-wide acceptance that these thing are real, they are among us, and they have been for quite some time. 

So it's only natural that the next step would be for military intelligence to start trying to "normalize" Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. If not explicitly, then symbolically. By employing something government agencies love best. 


Source - A new official logo for a U.S. Intelligence Community office focused on aerial threats and related security issues, particularly in the skies over the United States, is turning heads for its inclusion of a depiction of a flying saucer. This comes at a time of reinvigorated interest within the U.S. government, as well as the public at large, in unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, which are currently now referred to officially as unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP. Over the past year or so, the U.S. military, in particular, has been increasingly sparring with members of Congress about how best to respond to the potentially very real threats that UAP present.

The logo in question is the official seal for the National Intelligence Manager-Aviation (NIM-A), who resides, along with their staff, within the Office of the National Director of Intelligence (ODNI). … The logo appears on an official website for both NIM-A and NAI2O, the latter entity also operating under the auspices of ODNI.

Allow me to interrupt here and apologize. I misspoke earlier. The thing government agencies love above logos is a good acronym. They can't get enough of them. Forgive me for subjecting you to that bowl of Alpha-Bits just now, but that's on the intelligence community, not me.

The complete logo has four other air vehicle silhouettes, each in a different color – a dark gray drone, a blue wedge-shaped vehicle, a red Russian Su-57 advanced combat jet, a light gray airliner-sized aircraft.  …

All of this is superimposed on top of a basic map showing much of North America and Central America, as well as parts of South America. The four air vehicles are depicted moving in a northwestern direction across the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and then over North America. The flying saucer, which has no corresponding line indicating movement, sits by itself in the Eastern Pacific to the southwest of the Central American isthmus. …

The War Zone has now received a statement directly from ODNI, which is as follows:

"NIM Aviation erroneously posted an unofficial and incorrect logo."

Ah yes, that old move again. The "Whoopsie! We didn't mean to post that! Disregard! Nothing to see here, citizens!" thing. Just like with the unredacted Navy files. It's the classic way to get people to accept that the world as they've known it is about to change, dramatically. That their entire worldview is about to change forever. And that you've been lying to them all this time.

The way to do that is in stages, so that it's not quite so traumatic. You expose them to the truth a little bit at a time. Well Billy, your father and I do help Santa with your presents. Or Actually, Jessica, your dad helped put the baby in mommy's tummy. It's a way to soften the blow of the major revelation to come. In this case, That logo we posted implying that our mission is to protect you from flying saucers we said was just a joke? Yeah, about that. It is not a joke. It's super, heavy duty, 4K real. We're adding the UFO to the official logo starting Monday. Oh, and here's a bunch of declassified documents for you to look at over until then. Have a great weekend!

And I for one am fine with that. I'd rather have them telling half truths and little white lies for now than the total bald-faced ones they've been forcing us to swallow since Roswell in 1947. The ones about people hallucinating, lying for the attention, mistaking Jupiter for low-flying space craft, seeing swamp gas or weather balloons and whatnot.


Universal History Archive. Getty Images.

So I look forward to this becoming the official seal of whatever this shadowy government agency is, so we can move one step closer to them coming clean about the reality of this threat. Hell, I'll even buy a t-shirt and a sticker for my laptop if that will help normalize this phenomenon, once and for all. So thanks, NIM-A, for all you're doing. Keep watching the skies.