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Suburb Saturdays Volume 12: How Early Is Too Early To Start Putting Up Holiday Decorations?

Bill Greenblatt. Shutterstock Images.

It's officially October which signifies it's ok to start putting up Halloween decorations around your house if you're into that. But I was walking around just after Labor Day and I started seeing stuff pop up. Which brings up the question - how early is too early? And yes, I'm lumping in Halloween decorations with Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think it'd be a little weird if you put up the other two but not Halloween, especially since it comes first every year.

As a parent, I do appreciate some good decorations. My kids love 'em. They're festive and really show imagination and creativity. Now my home doesn't get done up much. We have some metal cutouts that we'll put up and my kids like to go look at every day, but there are houses near us that go ALL OUT. One house in particular has their entire lawn covered with probably thousands of dollars of decorations. I specifically noticed that they started putting up their stuff this past week.


But when is the best time to start?

Option #1: First Day It Feels Chilly

Option #2: Mid-September

Option #3: October 1st

Option #4: Mid-October

As for last week's related article, what to do when your neighbor leaves up decorations year-round, in this case a GIANT skeleton, here are the results:

Thanks for reading and see you next Saturday!