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Suburb Saturdays Volume 11: Your Neighbor Leaves Their Holiday Decorations Up Year Round

Matt Cardy. Getty Images.

I waited til the first day that was in the low 60s to post this one as it's a hot topic. People might instantly think about Christmas lights, and there are people that leave those up all year long. I think in a toned down fashion, it could be acceptable, like a few strands of lights outside maybe. But certainly not like the above all year. Talk about a fire hazard! 

But I need to come clean about something - I'm including other holidays, not just Christmas lights/decorations. One stands out to me and it's Halloween. There is a house on a main road that I pass by all the time that has a GIANT SKELETON on their lawn year-round. If it's a Halloween thing - go nuts. mid-September - the first week of November is good. Knock yourself out with whatever freaky, scary shit your twisted, black heart desires. But this skeleton has changed outfits multiple times throughout the year. I'm talking St. Patrick's Day attire, Santa suit, the whole nine yards. Here is a current pic for reference (*Note: no disrespect to the awareness cause, but it's just wild that it's dressed in something different every 2-3 weeks)

To the point, it's actually kind of an eye sore. I don't mind it as much as I just pass it by and it's an interesting talking point. If I were living next to that house I'd have a major problem with a festive skeleton that is almost literally as tall as the house just constantly being outside.

Now, let's put ourselves in the neighbor's shoes. And I have no intel into this if the homeowner asked first. So maybe it's a big hit! But I'm going to assume the neighbors are very not cool with this. How would you handle it?

Option #1

Discuss with neighbors and get a petition signed to take that thing down

Option #2

Kill the skeleton. This involves destruction of other people's property which I'm not a fan of, but if you've tried to reason with them before, you may be left with no other option. The only worry there aside from potential legal action would be what they replaced it with.

Option #3

Just accept it and embrace the skeleton

How would you handle it? Sound off in the comments.

As for last week's topic of What To Do If There Are Teens On A Little Kids Playground You Want To Use, here is the best way to handle it from the twitterverse:

Thanks for reading and I'll see you next Saturday!