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It Sounds Like Apple Is Having Trouble Selling The iPhone 14

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SOURCE - Apple is reportedly scrapping plans to increase production of its new iPhone 14 due to lower-than-anticipated demand.

The tech giant has told suppliers to abandon preparations to boost assembly of the new line of products, Bloomberg News is reporting.

Apple initially estimated that surging demand would necessitate an additional 6 million units on top of original plans for 90 million for the second half of this year, according to Bloomberg.

I know 90 million is a giant number of phones but it seems like there is no buzz about the iPhone 14. I can't say I even blame Apple. While our phones have never been more important to us, it feels like there hasn't been a major innovation in regards to phones for years. 

There used to be crazy lines for iPhones with weirdos waiting in lines for days if not weeks. People would talk about it in the office non-stop and there was one guy who was far too obsessed with them. It was his defining characteristic. Is there anything else Apple can do with these phones that will get people excited again?

Remember the first time you saw an iPhone? It was mind blowing. People had total internet access on their phone? It immediately made you feel inadequate when you looked at the shitty flip phone the next time you texted someone. Then you felt even worse when it took you forever to send that text because you had to press each number button over and over to shift through the three letters assigned to each number.

The first iPhone was released on June 29th, 2007 and Steve Jobs passed away four years later. Between the iPod, iPhone and iPad, it was an onslaught of exciting new products that changed our lives that first decade of the century. Since that stretch of constant invention that ended when Jobs died, each iPhone release feels more stale than the one that preceded it. It went from desperately wanting the newest model to seeing how long you can live with a four year old phone that has a maximum half hour of battery life.

We are pretty spoiled to live in this time from a technological viewpoint. I always think it must have been amazing to live through getting electricity in your town, people driving cars and then seeing planes fly above you all with a relatively short period of time. Having the answers to any question and almost every song ever recorded all in our pockets on the same deceive we can talk to people with is wild. But all of that invention makes this current invention pause, slight as it may be, feel longer than it should.