VIDEO: Wake Forest Took Advantage of Dabo's Nepotism By Kicking To His Son Every Time He Was On The Field For Kickoff And It Worked Perfectly

Eakin Howard. Getty Images.

If you didn't know, all of Dabo's sons have either played or are currently playing at Clemson. They have all played WR and have gotten burn off the bench in blowout situations or picking up the slack as holders and in special teams. Dabo has always been very proud of coaching his son and has talked a lot about how awesome it has been. Via SI:

Coaching sons is something that few coaches have the opportunity to be a part of, but for Swinney is something that he does not take for granted. 

"It's just special. I mean, my boys have grown up — it's just neat to see them live their dream. I know what it's like to live your dream," Swinney said. "I'm living mine. I lived mine as a player and I'm living it every day as the coach at Clemson, and to see your kids have a chance to live their dream, but more importantly just grind. I like to see them work. I love to see how excited their teammates are for them. They're great teammates. They're both great young men. I think Drew got in there a little bit. But to see Will, Will has worked his butt off for three years and is a good little player, and just has to kind of fight for a niche here and there.

The three sons are walk-ons, and all had decent stats in HS. It's not like these guys are not worthy of being walk-ons at Clemson. Walk-ons at power 5 schools usually play a huge role as practice squad players. The thing is, football is probably the ultimate sport that meritocracy always reigns supreme. You cannot compete at a Power 5 putting bad players in. 

Because someone will take advantage of bad players no matter what… And that is just what Wake Forest head coach Dave Clawson did. 

He had his kicker aim for Drew Swinney, who was a blocker on kickoff, because he knew he was a terrible return man. 

Here's how it went down:

After figuring out where Drew Swinney was on the field, they kicked it to him, and he had a pretty bad run, barely getting it to the 19.

They once again pooched it to Drew Swinney, where he fair caught it because the coaching staff obviously told him after the first one he was a liability returning it. (How embarrassing would it be if you fumbled as Dabo's son).

They once again targeted Drew, and he fair caught it on the 11. These bad field positions definitely have an impact on the offense, and thus Clemson finally made a change. 


Drew, Swinney's son, was taken out, and Antonio Williams was put in. Who returned the ball to the 50, a much better spot for the offense to start.

Kinda stupid that the Wake Forest Sideline did not pick up that #0 was not #81. They were kicking too. 

All in all, here is how those kicks went down.

Mora,Ivan kickoff 55 yards to the Clem10 Swinney,Drew return 9 yards to the Clem19 (Martin, Jr.,Jermal).

Mora,Ivan kickoff 50 yards to the Clem15 fair catch by Swinney,Drew at Clem15.

Mora,Ivan kickoff 54 yards to the Clem11 fair catch by Swinney,Drew at Clem11.

Though Clemson ended up winning, this is another example of how college football is just so competitive coaches will just exploit any advantage they can. Interesting stuff.

Shout out Sam Angelo (@notsamangelo on Twitter) who pointed it out.