Red Sox Centerfielder Abraham Almonte Was Thissssssss Close To Making The Play Of The Year

Just kidding. He missed it by like 15 feet. Kyle Stowers bombed this ball off the wall and it was pretty clear off the bat it wasn't going to be caught. No one told Abraham Almonte that because he was determined to make this play. 

Now you may remember Almonte from this Hubbs blog right here, it's basically just an extension of that. He was tracking that ball like he was Willie Mays at the Polo Grounds, he thought he had it all the way. And then it hit 20 feet up on the wall and he just jumped directly into it.

Missed it by an inch and by an inch I mean a mile. Ball rolled away, Stowers ended up with probably the easiest triple of his career, and everyone wondered if Pablo Sandoval was back in a Red Sox jersey and given a chance to play center field.