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Shaq Dummied Ben Simmons After Hearing What Ben Said About Him On JJ Redick's Podcast

Shaq absolutely dummied Ben Simmons here and it was awesome. I am actually a Ben Simmons believer so this is tough for me to write, but Shaq is absolutely right. Simmons should be just honored if Shaq ever even mentions his name. That is a legend of the game. When he just goes I can say whatI want I have done everything you have done 100 times over is fucking awesome. I also like that he didn't just say I am Shaq so whatever I say goes. He actually went in depth about everything he has said about him and he is 100% in the right. 

Sahq even went into how he backed off of him once Simmons came out and said he was dealing with some mental health issues. Shaq doesn't sugarcoat anything so for him to even peal back a little bit is nice of him. In what world does Simmons have any room to talk? He hasn't played in basically two years. 

The best part of the entire rant is when he just goes and said only reason you want to do things in the NBA is because you saw me do it. He doesn't need to hate on anything about him he just calls it how he sees it. These players just sometimes are so delusional and when someone hits a nerve or says that people just need to hate on me usually means what that person is saying about you is just right. 

I often bring up on shows who do you think the coolest person in the world is and I think Shaq is up there. He has a way about him when he talks and I just want to be his friend. People forget he follows me on Twitter so as an avid reader of my blogs, lets hang out soon. 

Moral of the story Ben Simmons shut the fuck up, play well with the Nets show people you are still good and then you have a little room to talk.