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Washington State +7 Was A WILD Ride And The Craziest Cover Of The Day

Hand up,I pulled a rookie move and celebrated a win WAY too early. 

Let's set the scene... 

Wazzou (o all the commentary saying Wazzu ...shut up) scores with 6:41 to go up 34-22. I am ecstastic holding Wazzou +7 and Money line tickets +215. 

I got ahead of my skies. I do a Tik Tok. Dumb. 

Here it was:

Oregon scores quick to cut the lead to 34-29 with 3:50 left. Wazzou has a chance to run out the clock but doesn't. Instead they throw the ball and run zero time off the clock then give the ball back to Oregon. 

Oregon goes ahead at 1:37 with a TD and a 2 point conversion. 

Everything can still be fine. Wazzou has a shot to win or tie the game and some timeouts. Just don't do anything crazy. 

Insert crazy... 

Wazzzou now down 44-34 with 1:01 to play. 

The Sportsbook account smells blood in the water … 

Dave and Dan are holding +5.5 and is  rightfully livd … 

Hold on, there's still time! Wazzou completes a long pass down to the 1 with 5 seconds on the clock. 1 play for it all…. 

I go live to document the situation:

1 play annnnnd…

Absolutely deserve sanctions for breaking gambling code and 100000% fucked myself out of the money line win. But 4 unit big play win is a win. Time to wash this one off and retool the arsenal. Can't be be celebrating wins like that. Rookie shit. 

Just happy Wazzou got the job done and the cover in a WILD WILD game. 

As they say, "All is well that ends well " - Marilyn Monroe 

Happy Gambling…