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Shoutout To Scottie Scheffler For Mixing In A Cold Shank To Keep Things Spicy At The Presidents Cup

Let's call a spade a spade. This Presidents Cup is a rout. Americans are running it down their throat and they just can't stop it. My guy D-Rap laid that out very well here.

With that said, Scottie Scheffler is widely regarded as a great dude. Very respectful and considerate fella that Scottie. Hence him throwing the Internationals and everybody at home a bone here and making things interesting with a cold hard shank. Always great to get a reminder that these guys are human and can hosel one just like us.

This just ain't Scottie's week. As I write this, the Internationals have earned 3 total points. 2.5 of them have come off of Scottie and Sam Burns. But that's ok. The boys are picking him up and there's plenty of winter to enjoy the spoils of a Player of the Year campaign. He'll bounce back just fine.