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Steph Curry Pulled Up To A Random Kid's Driveway And Started Draining Shots

I first have to address the kid filming in this video must have been going so hard out there and I respect it. He is wheezing behind the camera while filming Steph. 

This kid is living the dream because everyone reading this has played basketball in their driveway thinking what if a scout comes by and sees me. I would make up a whole ass scenario in my head like the scout for the Knicks could be driving by and if I drain this shot at the right exact moment he will stop his car and offer me a contract right in my driveway. What a delusional piece of shit I was but I would be out there everyday by myself and with friends. 

Steph is obviously the man for pulling up and doing this. But how is he about to turn the ball over with no defense in front of him? The man can have the best defenders in the world on him like glue and that ball will never come out of his hands like that. After further review though it seems to be looking for a car coming in the street is a better defender than Patrick Beverly. He looks quick to see if any cars are coming and he just lost the handle. That was the worst when you would play with your friends and you are unstoppable but a car comes through and tries to ice you. Steph is a little better than me and he still drained the shot. That was a bigger shot than any shot in he NBA finals because no matter what that video is going up on social media so he has to hit that shot or it is embarrassing. 

I also have to talk about the yellow thing underneath the basket because when you were a kid, you thought that was the best invention of all time. You look at that being like holy shit I never have to get the ball ever again when I make a shot. Then you realize you hit a shot nothing but net and that yellow thing gets smashed and falls right off. It also ruined the swish because you dont get to hear the swish with that thing under the net. The only thing that could have made this video better was if Steph swished his shot and then shattered that thing.