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Hmm: Germany Is Apparently Not Having The Player's WAGs Stay For The Entire World Cup Because It Could 'Disturb' The Team's Focus

I saw this story and clicked. I was fully ready to make fun of Germany for not being able to figure out how to bring their wives and girlfriends to the World Cup. I mean, it's Germany, one of the most iconic and successful international teams in soccer. They are having an all-hands on deck team meeting to figure it out. Then I saw this line and my entire thought process changed: 

[Source] - However, the Wags are not expected to remain with the team throughout the entirety of the tournament, with the DFB believing it could disturb the team's focus.

Disturb their focus? What could they possibly mean? They are used to playing in front of their wives and girlfriends. You want them there. Only thing I can think of is ... sex. Germany wants their players horned up and ready to go for matches. Makes sense. Can't have tired legs in the knockout stage. 

Being the professional blogger I am. I decided to do research (again) to figure out who some of the WAGs were. Luckily, I've blogged about one before. 

Izabel Goulart (Kevin Trapp's Fiancee)Izabel Goulart (Kevin Trapp's Fiancee) 

Sara Gundogan (Ilkay Gundogan's wife)

Sophia Weber (Kai Havertz's girlfriend)
Why do I bring this all up? Because it matters. We're here to try and figure out the path and what odds are worth taking. On the Barstool Sportsbook Germany is currently 10/1 to win the whole thing - 6th best odds. Now we gotta factor in whether or not the WAGs are going to be there. But the information is out now. Do with that as you please and thank you for the pageview.