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Kevin Trapp Doesn't Care If His Model Fiancee Is Wearing Her Nicest Lingerie - If His Team Loses They Will Not Be Having Sex

[Source] - She said: "Kevin and I make love a lot - four or five times a week.

"But if he has played in an important game and his team loses, I can make myself beautiful, have my nails done and wear my best lingerie - and there still won't be any sex."

Kevin Trapp is currently in the new because Manchester United wants to bring him over from Germany. Sure, makes sense. Man U is looking for anything for a spark. In this case it's the goalie Kevin Trapp, 32 years old. Decent career too. Played for PSG, made Germany's 2018 World Cup roster, currently on Eintracht Frankfurt for the 2nd time. Not bad. 

However, his most impressive feat is the fact that he'll say no to his model fiancee Izabel Goulart. First off - Izabel? Smoke name. You HAVE to be hot if you have the name Izabel. The z makes all the difference here. Isabel? Still hot, but not a lock. Izabel is a lock to be a model and have hundreds of thousands Instagram followers. 

Second, I understand taking a day off. 32 ain't no spring chicken. Even as a pro athlete, sex 4 to 5 times a week? Seems excessive, especially for a couple that's engaged. So I get using the excuse that your team lost an important game to take a night off. Sometimes it doesn't work! Sometimes you just want to sit by yourself, fart in the couch and watch something on TV in peace and quiet. It's human nature. 

Then again, who am I kidding? Most people don't have a fiancee who looks like this: 

Ian MacNicol. Getty Images.
Dimitrios Kambouris. Getty Images.

I hope for her sake and their sex lives that Trapp doesn't go to Man U. Could be a lot of quiet nights.