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Football Is King: More People in England Watched the Euro 2020 Final Than Queen Elizabeth's Funeral

If you ever needed a number to quantify how much British people love their soccer, here you go. The Euro 2020 final between  England and Italy got about 3 million more viewers in the United Kingdom than Queen Elizabeth II's funeral.

I must say, I'm pretty surprised by that 28.5 million figure. If you had asked me how many of England's 56 million million people would have watched the Queen's funeral, I would have guessed like 55 million. Didn't they basically shut down the entire country? What was everyone else doing? Viewership estimates going in had been more than 4 billion globally, which I'd imagine were a bit overzealous given the numbers coming out of the UK.

Regardless, it's clear that the real King of England is footy. The Royal Family should honestly be thankful Liz didn't hold out until the World Cup or they may have held a funeral in front of nobody.

And the most surprising number out of all this is that Queen Elizabeth had been on the throne so long, she was reigning the last time England won a major international competition. What a legacy.