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Arsenal Forward, Ethan Nwaneri, Made His Debut In The EPL Today At FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. Youngest Player Ever To Play In The Premier League

I mean Jesus CHRIST! 15 fucking years old playing for the first place team in the best league in the world. This kid has fucking algebra tomorrow and he has to take a bus to get there. How is that possible? Is that against Child Labor Laws? I just can't even conceptualize this because at 15 I was too walking around the school halls all sweaty from nerves and being too scared to talk to girls. I was 5'1 and 110lbs probably. Definition of a dink. 

Absolutely astounding this kid is good enough to even be on the bench for Arsenal. NBC runs that Wayne Rooney scoring at 16 years old commercial every day it seems

Young Ethan here just broke that record. Maybe the EPL is just too soft. Probably the only major league where a kid 10 minutes into puberty can play. Something to think about (something to make ourselves feel better about being old and less successful than a child).