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Pray For The Rest Of The Premier League - Sonny Is Officially Hot After Bagging A Hat Trick In 13 Minutes

Bang. That's the match we needed. That's the match Sonny needed. Dude is a goal machine, just needed to see one go in. He did and next thing you know it's a hat trick. We already have Harry Kane. Richarlison is doing his thing. Eric Dier can't stop scoring goals. Now Sonny is scoring hat tricks in one half off the bench. Filthy man. Who cares about midfield problems? Spurs should just go all-out offense. Play all the guys together and just win every match like 7-2. I know it's Leicester and they stink, but this is bad news for the rest of the Premier League. You can't let Sonny get hot while Spurs just don't lose. That's what matters. It's not Sonny doing this in a tie or anything, it's 3 points. 3 points you need to have. Can't give away any points when you're playing the bottom of the table. 

It was a batshit crazy match too. You had two goals in the first 8 minutes. Leicester scoring on a PK that was stopped, only for fucking VAR to come in and say there was goalie encroachment. This isn't typical Spurs. This is a special team. Again, there are midfield problems. Can't be elite everywhere but the one thing is for sure. Tottenham is elite up front. Can play any combo and not have to worry about it.