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A Domesticated Eastern Lowland Gorilla Would Be The Greatest Pet In The World

On the last episode of the bracket, we had Rudy and Zah join in to help us decide what the best animal to domesticate would be. I grabbed Rudy because I knew his special mind would come up with some weird takes on this subject and Zah because he is the only one of us with up-close experience with most of the animals on the list. Although, I will note that he had no idea what a sea otter is...

Anyway, one of the scenarios we judged are picks on was which animal would be the coolest to arrive at the bar/club with. Personally, I can't think of anything cooler than a Gorilla. Put some chains on him, ray bans, hawaiian shirt and you have the greatest bodyguard on earth. Oh and what club could even deny you entry? The fuck is some bouncer going to 600lbs of pure muscle? 

You can watch the full episode above or listen below .