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Scott Frost Is Fired By Nebraska

Wow. You knew it was coming at some point soon, but I didn't think it would be today. Scott Frost was fired as Nebraska's head coach after a 1-2 start and a home loss on Saturday to Georgia Southern.

Nebraska could have waited until October 1 and saved $7.5 million on Frost's buyout, but decided it was worth that much money to rip the bandage off now and cut ties. Like I said last night, this whole situation just sucks for everyone. Frost's relationship with his alma mater will never be the same and the guy who was supposed to be the savior of Cornhusker football was a huge dud.

Frost was so close, too. I've never seen teams with an uncanny ability to lose close games like Frost's Nebraska teams. You could set your watch to it. Four or five bounces go the other way over the last year, though, and this entire conversation is different. Instead, he's now out of a job.

If I was Nebraska's AD, I'd call Mark Stoops today and give him whatever it takes. I'm sure there won't be any announcement on a new coach until after the season, but it seems like that would be a good first call and a guy who would realistically take that job for the right price.

Whoever goes to Lincoln, though, has a hell of a job ahead of them.