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The Scott Frost Era Is on Life Support After Nebraska's Loss to Georgia Southern


Scott Frost did it again, folks. It didn't help that Nebraska played Georgia Southern on the Saturday the Sun Belt has taken down the likes of Notre Dame and Texas A&M, but somehow I have a feeling the Cornhuskers would have found a way to lose this one anyway.

Frost's buyout drops from $15 million to $7.5 million on October 1, so it seems like he'll stick around for at least a few more weeks. But it now feels certainly like just a matter of when rather than if Frost will be relieved of his duties.

The whole situation at Nebraska is just sad. Frost has had some talent and chances to win games there, he's just also had an uncanny ability to find ways to lose. Now his relationship with his alma mater is going to probably be severed forever and the fans find themselves back at square one looking for the next guy.

But make no mistake, Nebraska should have a better coach than what Scott Frost appears to be at the Power Five level. And it seems like it will be on the hunt for one very soon.