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Ana de Armas Received A Preposterous 11-Minute Standing Ovation For Her Performance In BLONDE After It Premiered At The Venice Film Festival Today

I don't want to seem like the guy who is going to blog every standing ovation received at the Venice Film Festival. At the moment it may appear that way, but I'm setting the record straight right here and now. Earlier this week I touched on Brendan Fraser getting moved to tears after his movie premiered and got a rousing applause. It was a very nice moment for a dude making a comeback in his career. We're angling this standing ovation a slightly different way. 

I've repeatedly called Ana de Armas' upcoming NC-17 rated Marilyn Monroe biopic the biggest moment of our collective lives. Later this month the masterpiece finally hits Netflix where arguably the most attractive woman on Earth portrays the most iconic sex symbol in human history. We're calling this one a must watch folks. 

Now we're getting the idea that this movie fucks on several levels. An eleven minute standing ovation? I'm not sure if someone pulled a real life Harry Stamper and saved the planet they'd get that long of an applause. I touched on this with the Fraser blog, but what the hell do you do for that long while everyone is applauding you? I know film festivals get off on standing ovations, but goodness me that's a long time to be clapping. Keep in mind this is coming from a Syracuse grad who joined in on the tradition of clapping from the start of a basketball game until the very first Orange basket. With the way Boeheim constructs his shitty teams, those opening scoring droughts sometimes lasted through the first TV timeout. I'd simply tap out and have no shame doing so. That's just way too long to clap for. 

This dude standing next to her had it up to here with the clapping. 

I wonder at what point in the standing ovation this clip is from. Is this a reaction three minutes in? Five minutes? I don't think any sensible person would blame him for a second if he straight up walked out of the theater mid-ovation. Sometimes you get clapped out and have to know your limits.

Anyways, we're off to a great start here with BLONDE. 

A big worry people had was de Armas' accent "polluting" the movie too much and taking away from the character. To that I say, come on! Do we really care about an accent here that much? She looks incredible and the acting is probably off the charts. Less than five minutes into this movie I can't imagine that's going to be a red flag for me to the point it takes away from what I'm watching. If you turn this movie off because of her accent you're an absolute pelican. 


September 28th Ana de Armas arrives on your TV screen as Marilyn Monroe in an NC-17 rated movie. I just wanted to remind you one more time to appropriately get you ready.

If you want a warm up for the movie I'd suggest her erotic thriller on Hulu, Deep Water. It's not good by any means, but she's fantastic.