AWESOME: Brendan Fraser Got Very Emotional While Receiving a SIX MINUTE Standing Ovation From The Venice Film Festival After The Premiere Of His Upcoming Movie 'The Whale'

Stephane Cardinale - Corbis. Getty Images.

Hollywood these days is filled with unlikable, pompous assholes who are too good for anyone not on their level. Brendan Fraser is the exception — a down to Earth and humble man, appreciate of anyone he interacts with. He's gotta be one of the more universally beloved celebrities we have today. After being away from the industry for a little while now, The Mummy actor is ready for his big return with The Whale coming out at the end of this year. The movie premiered over the weekend at the Venice Film Festival which prompted the audience to give Fraser a SIX MINUTE standing ovation. 

Straying away from Brendan Fraser for a quick second, can we talk about how awkward a six minute standing ovation has got to be? What the fuck do you do the whole time as the receiver? Six minutes is an ETERNITY. I think I'd rather make an average movie and get out of there in a few seconds so I didn't have to deal with six minutes of people applauding me. You know back in school when you did whatever you could to make the last few minutes of a period go by? I envision waiting for the six minute standing ovation to end being even worse. I'd probably fake being ill and faint or something. That way they stop clapping and I get something written about how I was so appreciative and overwhelmed with the response. 

Anyways, I'm so pumped for Brendan Fraser. The road back for that man has spanned years and years. He was seemingly blackballed by Hollywood after accusing Philip Berk, the then-president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, of sexual assault. He then had to undergo more than a handful of surgeries to repair his body from the toll it took doing various stunts in his action movies. As if that didn't sound bad enough, his wife also divorced him AND his mom passed away from cancer. That all sent him spiraling into a deep depression that he appears to have finally climbed out of. 

This is a really good man we're talking about here and you'd be a fool to not be rooting for him. I'm not sure anyone has ever said a bad word about this dude. 


Never forget the arrows quote. 

Next time the Yankees suffer a tragic loss I'm gonna have to let some arrows fly.

The Mummy movies, Bedazzled, The Scout, Blast from the Past, and more. Fraser used to put out bangers and here's to hoping he can still has a little left in the tank. This upcoming movie The Whale focuses on an obese man seeking redemption and trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter. That type of movie parlayed with a six minute standing ovation at the film festival makes me think we're about to get a big push for a Brendan Fraser best actor award at the Oscars. Give it to me.