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It's Official! Jake Paul Is Slated To Fight Anderson Silva Next Month

After a summer of drama regarding various opponents for Paul that did not pan out, we finally have a date for the next influencer fight between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva. Paul has once again chosen a much older opponent, but this one has recent fights under his belt that proves this will be a much better matchup than Ben Askren. 

Silva who is almost half a century old has many hoping the fight turns out like this matchup between a much older gentleman and a much younger opponent. 

This could be quite possible as recently Anderson Silva pieced up Tito Ortiz recently as well as younger Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. recently. 

Silva is not going in with strict MMA experiences like Ben Askren or Tyron Woodley but with current boxing expertise.

Dana White gave an opinion on the potential bout a year ago. Now that this matchup is reality it will be interesting to see if his prediction pans out. 

I have once again been convinced to be interested in a Jake Paul PPV and hopefully this fight actually pans out to be a legitimate matchup. There is always a chance this might be another setup where Silva may just dance for the whole time and allow Jake Paul's money-making sensationalized boxing career to keep rolling. But he also could end it on October 29th. 

In my opinion, Silva is more than able to take down Jake Paul. It's going to be a good one if Silva keeps it competitive. 

After all this is over, I still would like to see Jake Paul fight the Top G.