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OBJ Tells Cooper Kupp That He Will Be Seeing (Read: Rejoining) Him And The Rams On December 13th

In this Facetime you have OBJ all giddy telling Cooper Kupp that he will be seeing him December 13th and you can see Cooper smiling not saying anything. To me that just confirms that OBJ will be rejoining the Rams this year and that makes me happy. I think Odell is still one of the best receivers in the league and finally found a spot where he fits perfectly because the Browns are a dumpster fire. You can see he genuinely wants Kupp to get over 2,000 yards this year and I don't understand why people are doubting the Rams this year. 

I feel like the SUPER BOWL CHAMPS aren't being talked about enough after they added Allen Robinson, who is going to breakout this year with a QB and a team that can get him the ball. They still have the best defensive player in the league as long as he doesn't want to keep hitting people over the head with his helmet. Matt Stafford finally found a place where he can air it out. And if OBJ comes back anywhere near himself, this team can be right back in the Super Bowl. I have the Panthers making a run this year because of the God Baker Mayfield. But I think the Rams make a run at it. Everyone just is so high on the Bills and Bucs but just forget about the Rams, who won it all 7 months ago.