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This Video Of Mascots Destroying Kids Is Why We Should Be Thankful The Internet And Football Were Both Created

Funny is funny. I've watched this numerous times now and each time I can't stop laughing. There's something majestic about mascots showing up to halftime peewee football games and just showing these kids who run shit. I need to know more background about these mascots though. Did they have fill-ins for the game? They had to have some old D2 type player get dressed up and want to get drilled.

It's also impressive. I had to put on the Vermont mascot costume once. Brutal. There's a little fan in there but it's so heavy and you feel like you're walking around like you just stepped in dog shit. Not fun. That's why I gotta hand it to these guys. Making athletic plays, Blue out here talking shit. Impressive.

All I know is I'll take Goldy the Gopher as my running back any day of the week. He's better than Saquon. Look at him get up the field, bouncing off tackles and throw some stiff arms to hell. That's a guy who knows what's at stake here. Get tackled by a kid, or dominate and go viral. Option 2 is always the play. 

Oh and all I can think about with Rocky standing over a guy like this: 

Is when he passed out: 

But this video makes me thankful for the Internet and football. Two things that we should celebrate today.