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Ben Simmons Isn't Misunderstood, He's Just A Perennial Loser

Ethan Miller. Getty Images.

I think I'm going to invent a new role here at Barstool. I'm going to be the lead responder - especially in basketball blogs. I miss the days of bloggers responding to bloggers via the blog, so let's bring that back. Ben Simmons is today's topic because … checks notes, Marty blogged? Okay, Marty you're up here. 

Anywho, Ben Simmons isn't misunderstood. He's just a perennial loser. I mean sure he's cooler than me, but he's a loser in the sense of not having that diehard competitive drive to get better. He's a fine player. He's good even - when he plays and the game isn't on the line. I mean he's one of the best defenders in the league. Nobody can deny that. He has that unique ability to have some handles, great passing and size. 

But where is he when the game is on the line? I saw Marty try to compare Jaylen Brown and Brandon Ingram's stat lines. Uhhh, Ingram helped turn the Pelicans around while improving quite literally at every aspect of the game. Jaylen Brown, well, just read Greenie's 539,104,601 tweets about him. I think that might sum it up. 

So final ruling? Not misunderstood. He's a good player that sabotages himself. He could have turned the corner. He could have developed some sort of shot. He could have improved year over year. Instead he's just a headache. 

Oh and there's this: 

Let's end the blog with some old school Barstool picture style.