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Ben Simmons Is Misunderstood And Will Be The NBA's Comeback Player Of The Year

You might think that I am trolling, but I am not. All you nerds out there love to talk about stats instead of just watching that video and being like oh shit Ben Simmons is a good basketball player. Lets take the best players from the 2016 draft when he was drafted and compare numbers. Here is Simmons career numbers 

All I would hear is 76ers fans cry over this man and you guys fucked him up. You are ruthless people and went after him for having some bad play in the playoffs meanwhile he was a big reason you even got there. Anyone in the NBA would love a guy on there team that is averaging 16pts, 8reb and 8 assist. He is the number 1 pick for a reason and his IQ of the game is levels above a lot of point guards. With a new team he is going to come back stronger with a fanbase that honestly doesn't really care about them. Nobody besides Frank The Tank is a real nets fan and all they care about is the Knicks. With this team he won't have to be the person who has to score all the time with Durant and Kyrie. They might have to staff 14 therapists, but it will work just watch. 

This above is Brandon Ingram's stats. Now granted yes he has played every year that he could. but even someone like me who is bad with numbers can tell Ben Simmons has better numbers than Ingram. He has had even more time to get better numbers and he can't. Oh you want to see how Jaylen Brown's numbers are too? Okay here they are: 

Yes I understand different players but you are getting an all around player with Ben Simmons. He started out great with the 76ers but it ended up being a bad environment for him and now he has a fresh start. I showed you numbers, showed you why he'll be better on the Nets it actually might be the most perfect fit so you watch him be great this year. He has better numbers than the draft picks behind him and he didn't want to play because of his mental health so can't yell at him for that.