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It Appears Fans In Toronto Have Joined The Ballpark Sex Craze Sweeping North America

Everyone saw the upper deck fellatio at the Oakland Coliseum in the middle of an A's game a couple weeks ago. If you thought that was a one-off incident by a couple of the very few people willing to spend money to go to an Oakland A's game, however, it appears they have started a trend that's sweeping not only the United States, but all of North America.

This couple was escorted out of the Rogers Centre during the Blue Jays' game Monday night after allegedly skipping right past the foreplay and getting to the real action. Unlike the response in Oakland, however, security got there before people were able to film the sex act.

This woman saw something, though.

It's one thing to get caught doing the deed at the top of the Oakland Coliseum, but there is a hotel literally inside the Rogers Centre.  You could go up there and get a room where you could still see the game if you wanted to — though these two don't seem to have been too invested in Toronto's 5-4 win over the Cubs.

Can't wait to see which fanbase produces the people who inevitably try this at a college football game in Week 1.